2021 Registration Form for St Aidan's Children / Youth Programs

Child's Details

2021 St Aidan's Programs

Please tick any programs that your child is likely to attend in 2020. For more information about the different groups, including meeting times, see our kids and youth pages on our website.

Medical / Health / Additional Support

Additional information:

Home Address

Parent / Carer (First Emergency Contact)

Second Emergency Contact

Permissions & Expectations

Media Consent

During regular scheduled events leaders may take photos and / or videos of children involved in activities. Please indicate what permission you give for the use of photos and videos of your child.

Tip: Please tick all relevant options.

Independent Travel

Terms & Conditions

  • I give permission for my child to attend all scheduled 2021 St Aidan’s youth and children's activities, unless I advise otherwise. This includes on-site activities on a Sunday morning and or Friday afternoon/evening, some of which may involve:
    • walking between the church and the rectory (127 Hillcrest Ave)
    • for Friday CREST program events, activities at: 1) St Aidan's Hurstville Grove, All Saints Oatley West Anglican Church or Christ Church Mortdale, 2) walking to Renown Park or Grove Park with supervision and/or 3) walking the streets in the area of St Aidan's Hurstville Grove with supervision.
  • A calendar of events and locations shall be provided at the beginning of each term. Program dates can be found on the general church calendar.
  • I understand all leaders and helpers have completed a Safe Ministry Training course and check provided by Sydney Anglican Diocese.
  • I understand that leaders and helpers over the age of 18 years have a cleared Working With Children Check number, allowing them to care for and interact with children.
  • I authorise First Aiders, in the event of an emergency, to obtain at my expense any medical, ambulance, rescue or other services that are considered necessary for my child.
  • I understand my child may need to be driven in vehicles in the case of medical attention being needed. I give permission for my child to be driven by individuals who hold a Provisional P2 Licence (“Green Ps”) or Full Licence. 
  • I understand that for all other activities off site, I will be notified and need to give permission by a separate notice regarding attendance, transport and fees.
  • I acknowledge that being part of a community involves mutual care and consideration, and therefore agree that unacceptable behavior may result in my child being sent home and being temporarily or permanently prohibited from attending the 2021 activities of St Aidan's.
  • I will provide the St Aidan's program leaders with any information relevant to the wellbeing of my child prior to him or her attending a St Aidan's 2021 activity.
  • I confirm that the information given in this form is true and correct, and will advise St Aidan's program leaders of any changes to this information.

Tip: While we will make every attempt to work with you around any particular concerns or special considerations, please understand that not agreeing to the terms and conditions could affect your child's ability to attend St Aidan's activities.

The information collected on this form will be used for the purpose of supporting children and youth at activities on behalf of St Aidan's Anglican Church Hurstville Grove. It will be disclosed to the representatives of St Aidan's who are overseeing the running of the children and youth programs, and the person responsible for first aid during that program. It may be shared with the small group leader for your child if deemed necessary to better support the child in the program. It will be handled in accordance with our privacy policy. By submitting this information by paper or electronic means, you indicate you consent for us to collect, use and disclose the information you have provided in this manner.

You can access St Aidan's privacy policy here.